Pagina Oficial del Carnaval de Cartagena.-


At present, there are about five thousand people working in the Carnival of Cartagena. From it's a reappearance in 1981, the carnivals have acquired a new life achieving winds of change and innovating the organisation in its nineteen years of new existence.

In the main, the people who make up the Carnival come from neighbourhoods and cultural associations as from the inner city, and also from the quarters and villages of the township. Althought there are also particular initiatives such as students, workers, employers, civil servants, journalists, lawyers and many people that is impossible to note them here.

The whole social spectrum of the city is represented in our festivities, and maybe this is one of the most original and distinguishing characteristics of the Carnival of Cartagena. This one is open to everybody and it is never closed to anyone and anything. Everything has a influence in the Carnival.