Pagina Oficial del Carnaval de Cartagena.-

History of Cartagena .-
Cartagena is a city situated in the south of the Region of Murcia, it has about 205374 inhabitants and it is the second most populated city in the Autonomous Region of Murcia.

Cartagena is the seat of the Regional parliament, it has the name of the diocese and it is the capital of the Mediterranean Maritime Department. The origins of the city are remote. The Phoenicians came to their coasts in the 8th century BC; and in the 5th century BC were the "mastienos", who settled down in it founding Mastia, the capital of the "Tribu". Howerer, it was the Carthaginian leader Asdrubal who founded the city in 223 BC, calling it Quart Hadast (New City).

Cartagena is a very well communicated locality. It is the end of the line railway station with daily journeys to the main cities of the country. The airport is placed about 20 km. from Cartagena, in San Javier's township. It connects everyday with cities such as Madrid, Barcelona and Almería, as well as scheduled and charter flights from the United Kingdom. Furthermore, the city possesses a bus station, which connect with a great deal of national and international cities.