Pagina Oficial del Carnaval de Cartagena.-

Carnaval Cultural Federation.-
At the head of his renewed carnival, consisted of tifty masquerades and ten jokes ("chirigotas"), is the Carnival Cultural Federation with Luis Ramallo Arroyo as president, who is democratically elected by the same people of the festival. The importance of the cultural dimension and its development, as well as its projection, is the principal aim of the committee in the last few years. For this reasons, it was inserted in its denomination the term "cultural" so as to define more precisely the representative organisations of the Carnival Family.

The cultural feature of this festival comes from nor only by its continuity in time and the integration in custom but also by its clear aesthetic and artistic vocation. The Carnival Cultural committee woks the whole year in order to create an activity programme for the people of Cartagena ' a interest, and so to satisfy the expectations of all of them.

The Carnival of Cartagena is declared as a Regional Tourist Interest Festival and, from the summer of 1997, it belongs to the Carnival Cities European Foundation.

For some years, the committee has maintained a close collaboration with the municipal and regional authorities. A mixed committee formed by the City Council and the Cultural Committee co-ordinates the labour of both institutions.

Likewise, the Committee -by means of an interesting programme of cultural functions- wants to foster the carnival feeling in our city. The Committee awards those personal and collective initiatives that are to the advantage of the city or the own carnival, for example, the carnival gold medal. A very good indicative is to take part in national and international meetings that introduce a huge variety of carnival proposals, as in Europe and other continents such as America . Thanks to these meeting, we have the opportunity of showing our carnivals as a representative of its millenary city .